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What Causes Stress? – 9 Big Reasons You Are Stressed

Most stress is bad for you, but not all. Did you know that certain personality traits are more prone to stress? Also, stress at its core is your natural defense against danger. In particular, it is triggered in you by major life events, important deadlines, unfortunate circumstances or even a national calamity. See below for what causes stress.

Stress – A Natural Defense Against Danger, Change and the Unknown.

Combat Stressed. What causes Stress?
Combat Stressed

Stress is not all bad and it affects people in different ways. Most significantly, stress is the body’s natural defense against predators and danger. Hence, it is the primary reason for stress. Specifically, a stressful event causes the body to flood with hormones that prepare its systems to evade or confront danger. Additionally, the following physical reactions can occur depending on the situation and person: increased blood pressure, faster heart rate, heightened muscle preparedness, sweating, and alertness. Further, the amount and the magnitude of “stressors” that a person has to deal with increases the effects of stress.

Examples of stressors are noises, aggressive behavior, a speeding car, scary moments in movies, or even going out on a first date. See Medical News Today’s Why stress happens and how to manage it for more details on the primary cause of stress, our natural defense against danger.

What Causes Stress – 9 Reasons.

We seem to have more “stressors” today than in previous generations. This could be because of social and cable news media. For example, we are now more aware of negative events going around us in the world. Also, we are more aware of and even participate in more interpersonal conflicts than before the internet. Further, some of us have personality traits that attract stress. Lastly, some of us live in stressful environments either by choice or not by choice. To detail, below are the major causes of stress with examples.

1. Fearful and Uncertain Situations.

This is your natural defenses kicking in against perceived danger, real or imagined. Examples include: driving in heavy traffic or fear of an accident, fear of crime, excessive noise, uncertainty or waiting for an important outcome. Also, wars, physical abuse, pandemics, and discrimination such as racism induce stress. Furthermore, extremely fearful events can result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

2. Major Life Changes.

Any type of life change, be it good or bad, causes stress. Examples include: new baby, marriage, becoming a parent, moving into a new home, new job or job loss, financial loss, accident, abortion or pregnancy loss, divorce, bereavement, illness,  retirement, or bereavement.

3. Interpersonal Conflicts.

Any type of conflict is a cause for stress. This can include disagreements with boss, co-workers, spouse, children, parents, friends, neighbors, or anyone you come in contact with.

4. Having a Deadline.

Any type of deadline brings on stress, good or bad. Examples of this type of stress include: not having enough time, lack of money or resources, a complicated project, or a tight deadline.

5. Being a Perfectionist.

No one is perfect, but some of us either think we are or strive to be perfect. Specifically, this type of personality trait creates stress by taking on too much, having unrealistic expectations, and fear of failure.

6. Being a Pessimist.

This type of personality trait creates an outlook of fear and doom. Indeed, negative attitudes in people create stress as all they can see are bad outcomes to any situation. Also, pessimists generally do not have a sense of humor. Laughter is a great stress reliever.

7. Being a Workaholic.

Many of us create undo stress on ourselves by simply not taking a break – “all work, and no play“. Thus, taking a break from a stressful task can mentally and physically refresh you.

8. Unhealthy Lifestyle.

Some of us by choice or lack of knowledge live an unhealthy lifestyle. So if our lifestyle is negatively affecting our body or mind, there will be stress. Examples of this cause of stress include doing drugs, over eating, not exercising, etc.

9. Lack of Basic Necessities and Security.

If any of us lack basic necessities to live a productive and prosperous life, we will have stress. Examples of lack can be: food, water, housing, money, transportation, stable living conditions, and basic healthcare.

For more details and articles on the causes of stress, see RealBuzz’s 10 Causes of Stress and How to Beat Them, WebMd’s Causes of Stress, Mind Org’s Causes of Stress, and SecondsCount’s Causes of Stress.

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