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Can An AI Content Generator Empower Your Business Content?

Did you know that both small and large businesses are turning to AI content generators to scale content production quickly and save labor. The question is what are the Pros and Cons of this AI technology? Second, how does the software work? Lastly, can an AI content generator be a competitive advantage for your business, a liability, or a passing fad?

What Exactly Is An AI Content Generator and Is It For Real?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Generators Are For Real. These software programs use artificial intelligence to create high quality content for web sites using keywords or phrases entered by a user. Further, the market for AI content generators has exploded lately and there are dozens of AI content generator software programs available. In addition, many of these AI programs are using OpenAI’s GPT-3 engine that just became available for commercial use. 

Wouldn’t Google And Other Content Aggregators Just Ban AI Content Generators?  You would think so, but can they? Due to the expected explosion of AI content, Google and content aggregators are looking to ensure that their platforms do not get swamped by low-quality content. Google, for one, has restated in their webmaster guidelines documentation that they are against AI content. The problem for Google and other platforms is that as these AI content generators get better, how can they distinguish between machine and human written content? Additionally, how do they enforce their ban on AI content generators if they can’t tell the difference?

AI Content Generator - Can Shakespeare Survive AI?
Can Shakespeare Survive AI?

The Pros and Cons of AI Content Generators. 

AI content generators can be used for generating about any type of content. It can act as a writing assistant (like an AI-powered word processor) to help writers be more productive and help improve the quality of their content. Or it can almost be autonomous churning out product descriptions, blog postings, e-mail, and responding to user product reviews. See below for the pros and cons of using AI content.

  • It Saves Labor, Supports Writer Productivity. From a functional perspective an AI content generator is a writing assistant. For some types of content it requires little assistance to generate a vast number of quality content. For other types of content it assists the writer in creating higher quality content.
  • Provides Relevant Content Fast. AI content generators can create hundreds of words of quality content in minutes. This is a huge time saver for content like product descriptions and sports results content.
  • Uses AI Templates To Create A Wide Variety of Content. AI templates are designed for creating different types of content. This can include product descriptions for different platforms (Etsy, Amazon, Instagram, etc.), sales emails, blog postings, product review replies, and so on.
  • Automatically Target Content To Different Audiences. AI content generators can use the same baseline content and then tailor it to a target group or individual. This allows for personalized messages explicitly aimed at your target audience.


  • Can Lack Emotion and Common Sense. Though AI generated content can be relevant, it can lack emotion and common sense. So AI generators really need to be thought of as writing assistants that require human input, review, and editing as necessary.
  • Lacks Thought Leadership As Well As Lacks Judgment To Provide Opinions. Human experts are capable of acting as an authority on a given topic and form a valid opinion. This is not necessarily the case with AI. Examples of this would be with food and determining if a food item was delicious or not.
  • Lacks Having Innovative and Fresh Ideas. AI uses existing data and facts. Depending on the content and the audience, AI algorithms may not be robust enough to come up with new ideas that are relevant. At its worst, content generators may generate random text or preprogrammed set patterns that are not relevant to the topic.
  • Lacks Knowledge of Unique Terminology or Current Events. There are some topics that have a specific terminology not known to the AI content generator. Or there may be a recent event that is relevant to the topic. In these cases, the AI content generator is missing information and will likely produce unexpected results.
  • Not Capable of Producing Well-Researched Content. For many topics, AI may lack the experience and judgment to properly create well-researched content and derive relevant conclusions.

See Search Engine Journal’s The 10 Best AI Writers and Content Generators Compared and Niche Pursuits’ Should You Use An AI Content Generator? for more information on AI content generators.

What Do You Need To Generate AI Content?

So you think you have a need for an AI content generator, be it for generating product descriptions or for your small business blog? If you want the AI content generator to do most of the work to achieve 100% original, human-sounding content, you need to do at least three things. 

  1. Enter In the Subject of Your Content. All AI content generators require you to at least enter a subject or title for it to generate content. This is basically an “intake form” that includes at least the subject, but also depending on the AI content generator can include writing tone, first or third person, and other information such as product benefits or purpose of the content.
  2. Choose the Best Output. Most content software will provide several alternative generated text based on the input form. You then select the best version or cut and paste snippets for the final draft.
  3. Revise and Proofread The Final Draft. Once you have reviewed the content, you are then ready to publish.

See Jasper’s 9 Best AI Content Generators For Every Kind Of Content in 2023 for more details on how to use AI content generators. Also, see Frase’s AI Content Generator to experiment with entering a topic in their intake form and then press “Generate” to have the software generate 100% original content. Lastly, you can now interact in a conversational way with ChatGPT to create content.

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