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Improve Creativity: Here Is The 5-Step Process And How To Techniques

Eureka! This is your Aha! moment when you discover an idea that will revolutionize the world. Wondering how to generate outstanding ideas? Seeking methods to improve creativity? Creative techniques are crucial for creating masterpieces, building businesses, or tackling personal challenges. In this article, let’s explore the creative techniques that enhance each of the five stages of the creative process – Preparation, Incubation, Inspiration, Verification, and Execution. Get ready to unlock your creative potential and have your own Aha! moment.

Stage 1: Preparation – Improving Creativity By Thorough Preparation.

improved creativity - Eureka!

In this part of the creative process, you gather domain knowledge of the problem that is requiring an idea. What’s more, you can frame the problem by a variety of techniques. First, this can be done by looking at the problem through different lenses and perspectives. For example, put yourself in different roles of the person(s) that are involved in the problem. Second, you can gain insight by visiting the physical location where the problem is occurring. Third, you can gain domain knowledge by reading references about the problem and previous solutions to the problems. Lastly, you can also rely on experts to help you acquire knowledge of the problem. See more about Framing the Problem.

Stage 2: Incubation – Improve Creativity By Taking Breaks.

In this part of the creative process, you basically take a break. Specifically, you have done the preparation; now let all that domain knowledge be absorbed. For instance, just go out and do something different to clear your mind of the problem. Indeed, the incubation step of the creative process will help you to spur creativity and have you ready for the next step.

Stage 3: Inspiration – Improve Creativity By Using Inspriation Techniques.

In this part of the creative process, you find new ideas and solutions. In fact, you do this till you have your “eureka” moment that just comes out of nowhere. To detail, here is a list of inspiration techniques that you can use: 

  • Brainstorming / Mind Mapping. Here you generate ideas with no judgement.
  • Improvisation. Surprisingly, many ideas come from necessity or no preparation.
  • The Checklist. The checklist includes why, where, when, who, what, and how.
  • Six Thinking Hats. Here you think – facts, emotions, judgement, logic, creativity, and control.
  • Story Boarding. For example, use software or Post It! notes to arrange and massage a “story” into a solution.
  • Metaphorical Thinking. For instance, look for similar problems and solutions in another knowledge domain. 
  • False Faces. Here you challenge all assumptions about the problem.

Here are some more references on creative process techniques: Creative Thinking Techniques: Stimulate the Mind to be Productive, 8 Creative Thinking Techniques and the Tools To Use, 9 Creative Techniques for You and Your Team, How to Improve the Creative Process: 6 Techniques to Succeed

Stage 4: Verification – Improve Creativity By Verifying, Testing, Get Feedback, Make Updates.

In this part of the creative process, you verify and test, get feedback, and make changes to the idea before finalize for the execution phase. Creative techniques include experimenting (quickly and cheaply test ideas), prototyping, and piloting execution of the idea in a limited capacity.

Stage 5: Execution – Improve Your Creativity By Good Execution and Hard Work.

In this part of the creative process, you have a plan, resources, and you execute. Now the hard work begins to bring your idea to reality. 

“Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration”

Thomas Edison

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