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New Year’s Resolution Examples – This Is What People Are Favoring

Making New Year’s resolutions is nothing new. For example, the Romans in ancient times began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. Also, more people today are making New Year’s resolutions than in the past. For example, during the Great Depression only about a quarter of American adults formed New Year’s resolutions. Further, according to more recent Gallup Polls, 40% to 50% of Americans participate in this New Year’s resolution tradition. See Wikipedia’s New Year’s Resolution for more information on the origins of New Year’s resolutions. See below for the most common New Year’s resolution examples as well as major New Year’s resolutions categories.

Examples of the Most Common New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year's resolution examples

Here are the most common New Year’s resolutions according to GoSkill’s posting, Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Get organized
  • Learn a new skill or hobby 
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Save more money / spend less money
  • Quit smoking
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Travel more
  • Read more

Categories of New Year’s Resolution Examples.

Woman’s Day’s New Year’s Resolution Ideas broke their list of New Year’s resolutions into six categories. Specifically, these categories include:


Do things for yourself to improve and develop both your mind and body. For example, take a walk in nature, cook a healthy meal, practice yoga or meditation. Moreover, read a book, take a relaxing bubble bath, set aside time for yourself, get enough sleep, journal or doodle. Lastly, learn a new hobby, listen to music, and drink plenty of water.


Do something new. For example, read more books, try new hobbies, try new foods, and travel to new places. Moreover, engage in meaningful conversations, and expand your knowledge on topics outside of your comfort zone.


Do things to connect better with those around you. For example, spend more quality time together, communicate openly and honestly, express appreciation for each other, and resolve conflicts in a respectful manner. For more ideas on strengthening your relations, see Unvarnished Facts’ My Relationship Is Boring – How To Make It Exciting Again?.


Quit bad habits and replace them with good habits that enrich your life. For example, stop looking at your cell phone every few minutes and pay attention to what is around you, save money /spend less money, and quit toxic habits like smoking. Also, speak kindly to yourself and others, avoid engaging in gossip or criticism, and reduce stress by taking regular breaks. More ideas include let go of perfectionism and embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, show respect and kindness in your interactions with others, and take responsibility for your actions and apologize when necessary. Lastly, reflect on how your words and actions affect others, celebrate the successes of others and avoid engaging in manipulative behaviors.


Stop being negative about yourself and taking action to grow your confidence. For example, set achievable goals, practice positive self-talk, focus on your successes, and challenge yourself. Also, develop supportive relationships, practice self-care, forgive yourself for infractions both big and small, stop comparing yourself to others, and celebrate small wins. See Unvarnished Facts’ How To Be More Confident – Tips And The Best Way To Achieve It for tips and ideas to grow your self confidence.


Start habits that will assure that you have a long and healthy life. For example, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, exercise more regularly, and get more sleep. Also, reduce stress levels, limit alcohol consumption. quit smoking, lose weight, and take routine walks.

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