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Lacking Integrity – How To Detect It In a Person

Isn’t it better for you to find out earlier than later that someone lacks integrity? This article will help you to identify people lacking integrity who are dishonest, hypocritical, and unreliable.

What is Integrity and What is Lacking Integrity?

The word “integrity” is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. I get a better understanding of the word integrity by its synonym, “incorruptible“, and its antonyms, “hypocrisy” or “corruptible“. These terms get to the heart of what personal integrity means and stands for. Below are the qualities as well as definitions of integrity that apply to a PERSON OF INTEGRITY.

Lacking Integrity - Buffet On Integrity
Buffet On Integrity
  • INCORRUPTIBILITY. Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.
  • SOUNDNESS. An unimpaired condition.
  • COMPLETENESS. The quality or state of being complete or undivided.

On the other hand, a PERSON WHO LACKS INTEGRITY has these qualities:

  • CORRUPTIBLE. A willingness to act dishonestly.
  • HYPOCRITICAL. Pretends to be something they are not; words and actions do not align with their professed values and beliefs.
  • UNRELIABLE. Undependable, unstable, untrustworthy, deceptive, unsound.

How To Detect a Lack of Integrity in Others. 

For any type of relationship it is best to avoid someone who lacks integrity. This includes at home, work, school, and any social situations where you come in contact with people. Maintaining a relationship with someone who lacks integrity will result in some type of loss on your part or worse you getting caught up in their shenanigans and losing your integrity. Below are some ways to detect someone who lacks integrity courtesy the Ladders and ACTs

  • Unreliable. If someone is habitually unreliable, they lack integrity no matter what the cause or their intent 
  • If It’s Legal, It’s Ethical. This is a situation where a person follows the letter of the law, but does not do what is right.
  • Their Definition Of Honesty Is Fluid. They don’t care about “little white lies“. These types of lies can lead to outright deception where other persons are adversely affected. Also, integrity is lacking when a person just focuses on doing the right thing – when they have an audience.
  • Self vs.Team Mentality. They think their behavior doesn’t hurt anyone. Their primary purpose is to enrich themselves and not add value to the team or others.
  • Do As I Say, Not As I Do. They are not interested in setting an example or pulling their own weight.  They will claim all the credit on a project, engage in a conflict of interest, and show favoritism.
  • Always Get Defensive.  All of us can get defensive, but none of us are perfect. Lack of integrity happens when a person is unapologetic and constantly defending their bad or questionable decisions, actions, or behavior.

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