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How To Be More Vulnerable

Logically you would think being vulnerable is not a good idea, but intuitively you know that it is good for you and your relationship. This article will describe for you 5 ways on how to be more vulnerable in a relationship. Also, you will learn the four benefits of being vulnerable in a relationship.

Why Would We Want To Know How To Be More Vulnerable?

There is something intuitive inside of us that asks this paradoxical question, “How do I become more vulnerable in my relationship”? On the other hand, we have all created habits to avoid being vulnerable and susceptible to physical or emotional harm. This is a vulnerability that consists of “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.”  We desire to know how to be more vulnerable because with it comes intimacy in human relationships where we are emotionally connected and supported. Professor Brené Brown, a vulnerability researcher at the University of Houston, says it well, “vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center of meaningful human experiences.”

The Emotional Benefits to Being More Vulnerable.

How To Be More Vulnerable - Be Vulnerable!
Be Vulnerable!

There are many benefits to being vulnerable. Being vulnerable not only benefits us with more intimate relationships, but also benefits our mind and body, in the workplace, and in our community. Below are some important benefits to being vulnerable.

  1. More Confidence. Gain the belief and the experience that we can handle difficult situations.
  2. Longer Life. Being vulnerable leads to more healthy habits, reduces stress,  and having a more meaningful life. 
  3. Stronger Relationships. Being vulnerable fosters intimacy in any relationship. Being vulnerable creates compassion, empathy, and deeper connection with others.
  4.  Improved Self-Acceptance. Being vulnerable enables us to accept and embrace different aspects of ourself. This fosters greater confidence and authenticity.

See VeryWellMind’s Recovering From the Fear of Vulnerability for more information of the benefit of being vulnerable.

How To Be More Vulnerable And Achieve a More Intimate Relationship. 

So how do you go about being more vulnerable? Below are some suggestions. Start out small and then practice, practice, practice till they become habits.

  1. Ask For What You Need. Just asking enables our loved ones to feel for us and respond to us in ways that bring us closer.
  2. Be Willing to Expose Your Feelings. Exposing our feelings allows us to be in better touch with ourselves and be able to share ourselves with others.
  3. Say What You Want. Vocalizing our wants and needs exposes our dependencies and lack in a constructive manner. This stops us from blaming each other and complaining when what the real problem is that we are in need.
  4. Express What You Really Think. Be open to giving and receiving feedback without being overly defensive.
  5. Slow Down and Be Present. Give time and attention to others in the moment. Be in the here and now with people instead of either dwelling on the past or racing toward the future.

See PsycAlive’s How Embracing Vulnerability Strengthens Our Relationships  and WebMD’s How to Be Vulnerable for more information.

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