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AI Generated Images – A Silly Novelty Or Useful For Business?

It is amazing that software can create AI generated images, but what can we do with it? This article will tell you what business problems an AI image generator solves. Moreover, see examples of where AI image generator software is helping the creative industry as well as any businesses that use images for their web sites, publications, and marketing.

We Can All Create AI Generated Images, But For Most It Is Just A Novelty.

Is My Benjamin AI Generated Or Not? - AI generated images
Is My Benjamin AI Generated Or Not?

Yes, we can now all create AI generated images, but the question is what can the “average Joe” do with it. This technology has great business value, but for most of us it is a novelty. If you are not knowledgeable of this technology, Here is some background information on it.

  • AI Image Generator Soon To Be In Microsoft Office. This technology is definitely getting to be mainstream. Microsoft will soon include this new technology in their Office product. It is called Microsoft Designer and Image Creator. These apps will enable anyone to create AI generated images. For more information, click here.
  • DALL-E, One Of Many AI Image Generators. DALLl-E is made by OpenAI. With this tool, anyone can create beautiful and realistic images. All they need to do is select the art style and type a phrase of what they want to create, and then DALL-E will do the rest. See OpenAI’s DALL-E: Creating Images From Text for more information on what this neural network software can do and not do.
  • Try It Yourself. Here are some links where you can create your own AI generated images by just selecting an art style and typing in a word phrase of what art you want to create. NightCafe, Crayon, Midjourney, and Deepai are a sampling on countless AI image generators.

What Business Problem Does an AI Image Generator Solve?

First, it is important to understand that the emergence of AI image generators affects a wide range of businesses in the creative industries. The creative industry is big. Businesses in this field are now contributing more than 6 percent of the global gross national product (GDP). See ThePolicyCircle’s The Creative Economy for more details. 

Businesses in the creative industries include advertising, architecture, books and newspapers/magazines, gaming and movies, music and performing arts, radio, TV, and the visual arts. Additionally, now that most businesses have an online presence, they can also leverage AI image generators as well. Below are 4 key business problems that are addressed by AI image generator software.

1. Unlimited Access To Copyright Free Imagery.

AI image generators solve the problem of businesses having only limited access to imagery to support a creative project or deliverable. With an AI image generator, businesses save money not having to purchase copyrighted images. Additionally, they have the capability to produce an unlimited number of images. Furthermore each image can be produced in minutes, if not seconds.

2. Eliminate Privacy Concerns.

In some cases with creative businesses such as advertising and video gaming, they have a need to create images of people. With an AI image generator, businesses can eliminate privacy concerns by generating images of people that look like a real person, but are not. Additionally, using these images can save on hiring human models as well as time in creating the images.

3. Low Cost Way To Enhance Your Presentation.

Especially for small businesses, software that creates AI generated images can liven up presentations such as web sites and marketing materials. As an added bonus, the costs and time needed to create these images are negligible.

4. Shortens The Creative Process.

Most creative processes are labor intensive and have an iterative workflow. Specifically, most creative processes require multiple people who are contributing, editing, and approving the final product. Using an AI image generator as part of the creative process, can actually enhance the quality of the final deliverable. Additionally, it can help the creative process be more efficient in terms of both time and labor.

How Can AI Image Generator Software Help Businesses?

AI image generator software is revolutionary for businesses in the creative industries. Furthermore, this is not the first time that technology revolutionized the creative industry. Take photography as an example.  Unbelievably the Modern Art movement came about because of photography. This is because camera technology moved artists away from photorealism and into abstraction.

As photography dramatically changed the art world, AI image generators may do the same. For some examples, below are AI generated images that can help and even revolutionize businesses in the creative industry.

1. Generate Realistic Human Faces.

For illustrations and movie characters,AI-generated human faces can alleviate privacy concerns.

2. Create Cartoon/Anime Characters.

AI images generated based on Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are particularly useful for cartoon and anime characters. Namely, writers are able to use this software to get new ideas on character drawings. They also can create scenes without drawing each frame of the cartoon.

3. Draw Sketches Automatically To Streamline Art Creation.

Illustrators can use this software to create sketches based on photos or other images. Because artists save time having the AI software generate the baseline sketches, artists then can focus on creating the more complicated part of the artwork.

4. Create Photo-Realistic 3D Renderings.

For creative industries such as architecture, product design, and real estate advertising, designers can use this software to generate photo-realistic 3D renderings. Hence, AI software is much faster than traditional computer-aided design (CAD) software.

5. Generate New Art or Visualizations.

Artists are using AI software to enhance the quality of their art and to produce new art. In some cases this is controversial as in the case of purely AI-generated artwork winning an award. For example, see where a piece of AI artwork won at an award at the Colorado State Fair art contest

See V7Lab’s AI-Generated Art, V7Lab’s home page, GeneratePhoto’s home page, and SurfaceMag’s What Will AI Generator Software Do For the Creative Industry? for more information on how AI image generators can be used by businesses.

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