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If you need the facts on technology, business innovation, creativity or life in general, Unvarnished Facts has the facts for you.

In both words and pictures, Unvarnished Facts explains topics that affect you and your business. Specifically, topics cover information technology, business innovation, creativity, and other interesting topics.

Randy McClure @mcislog

More about me.

Hi, I’m Randy! I’m passionate about giving actionable insights on information technology, business, innovation,. creativity, and life in general, Also, I’m enthusiastic about leveraging my expertise to help shippers, carriers, and 3PLs improve their supply chain operations. I’m always on the lookout for breakthrough technology and championing innovative, competitive solutions to keep ahead of the competition. See Supply Chain Tech Insights for more on my take on supply chain technology.

I have a deep passion for innovation and creativity as well as just having fun experiencing life’s adventures. Moreover, my expertise is with decision sciences (Artificial Intelligence / Business Intelligence), logistics, supply chain, tech, data integration, and information technology. Lastly, my career experiences have included U.S. Army Officer, Information Technology Consultant & Project Manager, and Head of IT for a software development and services company. To explain what has shaped my expertise, viewpoint and values, below is my bio and select picture gallery (yes, I like to draw too).

  • Born and raised in the South (U.S.)
  • Lived in England, Attended Boarding School
  • Long-Haired, Thrill-Seeking Teenager
  • Florida State Business Graduate
  • Married Into Southern, Country Lifestyle
  • Faithful Husband
  • U.S. Army Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer
  • Awarded Bronze Star and Combat Infantry Badge
  • Logistics Officer
  • Military Theory & Infantry Tactics Instructor
  • Internet Pioneer When Only Thousands Were Online
  • Married Into Southern Afro-American Lifestyle
  • Information Technology Leader
  • Supply Chain Tech Consultant
  • Bible Study Teacher
  • Software Developer and Designer – Logistics and Expert Systems
  • Father of Six Children
  • World Traveler
  • Married Into Southwest Pennsylvanian Italian-American Lifestyle
  • Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Science Practitioner and IT Leader – Transportation Industry

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Thank you and enjoy – RM.

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