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5 Traits Of An Authentic Person And Ways To Be More Authentic

Being your authentic self is a good thing, but why do you want to be an authentic person? What are the characteristics of an authentic person? In this article I’ll answer these questions and provide answers on how you can be more authentic.

Why Do We Want To Be An Authentic Person?

Lady Gaga is an authentic person
Lady Gaga Is Real

First, let’s start with a definition:

“not false or copied; genuine; real; having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified:”


Based on this definition, I think we all have a hidden desire to be genuine, an authentic person. Indeed, we all want to be true to our own personality, spirit, or character. But why? Here is my take on being an authentic person:

  • It enables us to build trust with others
  • It strengthens respect and forms deeper connections
  • We build trust in ourselves that in turn builds our confidence as well as reduces our stress and anxiety
  • It keeps life simple by us focusing on what is important and we are not distracted by the noise

See GetSavvyWithSocial’s The Importance of Authenticity for more on why authenticity is so important.

“I don’t see myself in terms of artifice. I see myself as a real person who chooses to live my life in an open way – artistically.”

Lady Gaga

The Characteristics of an Authentic Person.

In short, authentic people are genuine, honest, and real. Indeed, they are comfortable in their own skin. Further, they do not put on a front to fit in and be accepted by others. Unquestionably, they know who they are and they don’t hide it. Here are some of the key characteristics of an authentic person:

1. Realistic Perception of Reality.

You live a life that’s present in the moment. What’s more you accept yourself as you are and you accept the people around you. Without reservation, you know yourself. 

2. Emotionally Mature.

You do not wear your emotions on your sleeve. Indeed, you are considerate of others. Also, you have a non-hostile sense of humor.

3. Self-Confident.

You are confident and you are not afraid to think outside the box or go against the grain. Further, you can roll with the punches without losing your confidence. Also, you are not likely to complain, but find solutions to your problems. Equally important, you can learn from your mistakes and gain confidence from what you learned.

4. Free To Be Yourself.

You are unique. Here you express your emotions freely and have nothing to hide. Nor do you make apologies for who you are. Next, you are not inhibited or threatened by others. Also, you are not held back by the opinions of others. What’s more you don’t follow the crowd or give into peer pressure. Lastly, you strive to be authentic versus adapt your life to fit in with the crowd.

5. Have Peace Within and With Others.

Lastly, you are transparent. Moreover, you would rather stay genuine and true to yourself than put on different faces around different people. Instead, you look at the big picture not getting caught up in daily drama. In fact, you are focused and understand your motivations. Because you are transparent, materialism does not take center stage in your life with all of its strife and turmoil. Also, you can listen to others as you are looking more at the inside than the exterior of things. Lastly, you are not there to judge, but to enjoy life’s experience.

See PowerOfPositivity’s 22 Things an Authentic Person Will Do Without Realizing It,  AToZenIlife’s 7 Signs You Are an Authentic Person, PsychologyToday’s 7 Core Traits of an Authentic Person, and DivineYouWellness’ What Are The True Signs of an Authentic Person? for more information on the characteristics of an authentic person.

How To Close The Gap Between Your Adaptive Self and the Authentic Self.

For some of us, our authentic self is buried deep in our unconscious. Over the years interacting with our family, our peers, media, and society, we have created an adaptive self. Now, is the time to get in touch with your authentic self. Here is how to get started.

First, Realize Why We Create Our Adaptive Self.

So it is outside influences that tell us who to be, what to want, and how we should express ourselves. Over time, all these influences have created a person who is not authentic. People and even ourselves only see our adaptive self. 

We live in a society that values superficiality. We are supposed to strive for perfection, and in many cases this is defined by the amount of money and material things we own. The trouble is that by being someone you are not, you are really telling your authentic self that you are not OK. So when a person hides in their adaptive self it results in them being lonely, disconnected from others, and even feeling worthless.

Second, Get In Touch With Your Authentic Self To Free Yourself.

So there are many benefits of being authentic, but how do you close the gap between your adaptive self and your authentic self? First this requires self-awareness, mindfulness, and self-acceptance. Basically, you need to get to know yourself. That way you can prioritize your life according to your values. This way you can pursue your purpose and do things that you care about.

See  PsychologyToday’s Develop Authenticity – 20 Ways To Be A More Authentic Person for more information on getting in touch with your authentic self. This is a great article that explains how you can develop your authenticity to be more of an authentic person. This process of self examination helps you to understand the difference between your adaptive self and authentic self. This examination will help you identify your fears, explore your fears, and love your real self.  Once you understand the gaps, you can start making the necessary changes to habitually be your authentic self.

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